Thursday, March 23, 2017

Searching For Answers

When a student has learning difficulties, it is so easy to blame him/her for not trying hard or not paying attention. That is because those around the student (his/her parents and teachers) can readily see from behaviors and interactions that the student is intelligent.

The students often doesn’t realize that they have learning difficulties, except for the fact that it is hard to study and learn. Parents often don't realize it, either. In some cases, the parents remember struggling in school when they themselves were young. So, they end up erroneously concluding that the students are not smart enough or that the subject is just too difficult.

When it comes to learning difficulties, it is not just one subject or one discipline that is hard, but the entire process of learning is a huge challenge for them.

Their self-esteem takes a beating. The lose confidence, joy, desires. They are fighting an enemy that they cannot identify. It feels like they are the problem.

I know. I have seen them. I used to tutor students with dyslexia. They first came in with the physical posture that said defeated.

I tutored students for about four years. I had a good process to help them with, but it was very slow in progress.

Almost after every session with a student, I would say to myself, "There must be a faster way for them to learn. There must be an easier way for them to overcome their learning difficulties."

There were not many options out there. I kept searching for answers until I happened to come across Crossinology® Brain Integration Technique (BIT).

Brain Integration Technique is part of applied kinesiology, a scientific discipline that is better developed and more used in Canada, Australia and Japan than here in the States. It also relies on brain physiology and neuroscience.

Today, the fields of brain physiology and neuroscience are advancing in knowledge at an unprecedented rate. Scientists are discovering how little we know. What we accepted as facts are now proven wrong. For example, I have heard it said that we use only about 10% of our brain. The 2014 movie with Scarlett Johannson, Lucy, was based on this "fact". Today's more sophisticated brain scans have demonstrated it to be completely false. We use more than 10% of our brain all the time!

As we increase the knowledge about our brain, many things we have taken for granted as scientific truths will be shown to be inadequate, partial or simply wrong. Frankly, that is good news. That means there are possibilities for healing and for optimal functions.

Another example of more accurate understanding is neuroplasticity. It refers to the brain’s capacity to change at any age! Yes, we can teach an old dog new tricks! This is very exciting. Your brain can change at any point because it has the capacity to do so!

God has given us an amazing brain that is learning, adaptable and flexible!

There is HOPE.

This is why I am a BIT practitioner.


Welcome to aBitBetterBrain, formerly Healing Rain Learning and Wellness Center!

Our mission is to release and empower people to reach their full potential.  Call us to see if what we offer is what you need! We offer three services:

Through Crossinology® Brain Integration Technique, learning difficulties can be overcome and your natural ability unlocked. This technique addresses issues such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, ADD, ADHD, processing problems, math struggles, muscles of the eyes, lack of coordination and memory.

Muscle Reactivation is a technique that restores the neuroelectrical signal to muscles that have been weakened due to injury, age, strokes, or surgery. Strength is restored, giving more support and relieving pain. Clients see immediate results.

"Allergy Balancing" is the term used for getting rid of allergies to food, animals, chemicals and environmental substances.  No drugs, no tests. Contact me for a free consultation to determine how and if I can be of help in this area.